Friday, July 13, 2012

The Apocalypse Codex - Charles Stross

The latest Laundr novel picks an all-time favourite of mine to homage. Modesty Blaise. Bob Howard discovers the Laundry actually does have some external and deniable assets they use, not bound by the usual Yes Minister cum literal soul sucking bureaucratic agreements. So he is read in on the BASHFUL INCENDIARY dossier and sent to the USA to deal with a Christian cult leader that appears set to try and perform your gate summoning of something powerful and nasty and take over the country and the world, etc. Penny Hazard and Johnny McTavish aren't too pleased about having oversight in their heads but as things get worse they realise Mr Howard is actually a bit on the useful side as Bob continues to be fast tracked in a key role in opposing CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN eldritch invasion horror. Delightful to read as usual, especially given the fact I love Modesty Blaise. Points off for O'Donnell disposal! 4 out of 5

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