Friday, May 25, 2012

Scott Nicholson Library Volume 5 - Scott Nicholson

A three book horror omnibus. Scott Nicholson Library 5 : Troubled - Scott Nicholson Scott Nicholson Library 5 : The Gorge - Scott Nicholson Scott Nicholson Library 5 : Solom - Scott Nicholson A kid ends up in a home. Not your average kid, because associated this with this is a secret group called The Trust. They like to experiment with psychic powers. And the dead. So psychic kid, crazy Secret Society and living in an old madhouse. 3 out of 5 FBI pursuit of an abortion clinic bomber and his girlfriend leads to a wilderness chase. There's a problem for them and some others in the area. Something is hunting them. Vampire batpeople, no less. 3 out of 5 Ok. Something in that moonshine in these hillbilly hamlets it seems. Because here we have a book where a goth girl and her mum get to move to one. Only problem is the ghost of the dead wife her mother is replacing. That and the scarecrow dressing goddess worshipping maniac and his undead murderous ancestor. Oh yeah, and his flock of man-eating goats! The word loopy gets used in this book and it is is certainly appropriate for this horror novel 3.5 out of 5 3 out of 5

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