Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vs. Reality - Blake Northcott

A solid take on the coming of superhumans. This time with your dodgy military industrial complex reasons.

A down and out MMA fighter has a flush friend take him to a club to get his mind off his 9th consecutive beatdown - and to score chicks.

The woman that draws his attention proves to be dangerous, and on the run. She can open gateways in reality, and is being pursued by the crowd that want people with special abilities to be locked away and done away with. For money.

Her new acquaintance also manifests an ability when her Collector pursuers find her outside the nightclub - that of your brick type.

Escaping, he gets the story of her and the small group of outcasts she works with - and the power activating drug Muse their chemist powered bloke came up with.

But this still doesn't change the fact that their continual embarrassment of their pursuers means pursuit is about to be stepped up.

Says a number 1 and definitely set up for a second part.

3.5 out of 5

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