Saturday, July 9, 2011

Magic Slays - Ilona Andrews

Magic Slays is also very good.

Seems that being an oddball hybrids ends up with you becoming a dodgy low-rent PI.

Roland's Daughter's Partner the Gunner also fits the description, and ends up working with Kate after being given the boot from the racist organisation that forcibly retired her.

So, two women looking to kill stuff for money. Or just lock them back up if they are a giant troll that regenerates.

Funny wisecracks interspersed with outbreaks of violence and snarling shapeshifters is made worse when you add a group of loser racist terrorists that are well armed and organised and have a magic-species-specific weapon of mass destruction. Beast Lords, Vampire Masters, Frost Giants, Blood extruding sword wielding maniacs, Shamanic types of Baba Yagas or whoever have to team up in this one.

This series continues to be a pleasure to read.

4 out of 5

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