Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heroine Addiction - Jennifer Matarese

A genuine delight to come across superhero prose like this.

A retired superhero (a teleporter) has moved away from the big city to a smaller community and opened a cafe called Tea and Strumpets. A fun name, and her own style is sort of a swing dancing Bettie Page. So of course she is named Vera. She has the usual hassles - a business partner, a staff, an ex-girlfriend. A family that she doesn't talk to that are world-famous superheroes, including a father, mother and brother. The local rednecks. Revealing she was bi as a teenager. Her last name is Noble, and yes, this family is a little like the one in Noble Causes in its dysfunctionality.

Things get interesting when a superintelligent supervillain turns up to tell her her father the telepath is missing. Said bad guy being her father's lover. To solve what is going on will require the help of an immortal friend, the man she'd like to be with, her ex-girlfriend, and the ability to make her family function together for awhile.

A book that manages in first person style to be charming, sad, funny, superheroic, with believable characters and with the ability to avoid the tedious and obvious satire analogues that infect the work of better known writers.

Very well done.

4 out of 5

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