Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Troll Hunter - Keith C. Blackmore

An interesting approach to this book. Rather than starting near the end and flashing back, it starts more near a later part, which you may not necessarily realise until later. A structure you just have to trust, but it draws you in well so you do.

It follows a few characters in a setting of war. A southern kingdom against a horde of barbarian Northerners - or that is all we know about them, as they are just the menace.

The flavour of this is definitely along with Gemmell lines. Large, strong warrior has a colleague who is a stone cold killer and enjoys it a lot - and he is a match for him. Somewhat more grey, though. The two of course are survivors as many aorund them fall.

The Troll Hunter part doesn't come into it until nearer the end, so is a little misleading. This is no RPG novel or garden variety fantasy. In fact, the only supernatural element at all is the existence of trolls. Other than being a completely different secondary world, of course.

A couple of bits to amuse, too, with a horseman named Prong and a renegade named Klytus.

You know how people say that all the self-published stuff is crappy - well, here's an example of one that isn't. This is a class novel.

The nation of the two Cavaliers - Bloor, the strong silent type, and Alwan the killer is being bled dry of its men by the constant warring. This has left a gap for repatriated injured soldiers to step into and start running some organised crime rings with little martial opposition. Thus a complicated scenario arises when you throw in a marriage and said monster.

Will have to see what else he has done.

4 out of 5

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