Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ozine Conquest - C. M. Gilbert

The Ozine Conquest isn't remotely Sword and Sorcery, despite what the spine and cover might suggest. Although the cover is accurate with its characters including the glowing wand. Mostly an ok book, too.

The start has a soldier who has lost his hand basically now riding a desk, overseeing computer techs etc. So, he is bored and frustrated. Totally not a geek, this guy.

So he sets off and gets in the middle of some aliens - the Ozine, and is transported a conflict on a space station run by an extended family of traders, who provide a base for the Ozine. Who are now all male, and seeking a new female leader.

The barbarian Dann attack the station in spaceships (not too many of those in Sword and Sorcery - especially not flying in attack squadrosn) and Chael lends a hand Luke Skywalker style to man a gun turret.

They fight them off briefly, but traitors lurk and a few of them end up on the run, including the Trader leader of the base. A damaged ship is forced to set down on a closeby habitable planet. This is where you get the primitives with their fur cloaks and priestesses and spears.

The cocky young priestess of the Wolf tribe, the Wolf Witch Ona is at odds with her sister, wife of the chief, and the newcomers are in the middle of it again. So they have to escape. In doing so, finding an ancient city of the Ozine and realising through the odd bit of the priestessly fantastic that Ona is the Regenetrix female leader the Ozine need.

She won't be much good to them if they can't convince the multiple layers of cooling heels and good broke dealing with the needing to be bribed League of Worlds bureaucracy to send help, though, before the barbarian Dann take over the Ozine station and discover all the secrets of this alien race and their far greater technology.

Better than I thought it would be.

A bit more than a 3, say closing on 3.2.

3 out of 5

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