Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Corvus - Paul Kearney

The second of the Macht books now has a veteran Rictus returning home for a time from the latest small scale mercenary conflict he had been working at. A wife, two daughters, a farm, a household of slaves. Along with his second in command.

Not long after they get an unpleasant surprise. A visit from the Warlord Corvus. The man who has been slowly conquering the Macht homelands. The choice is simple. Join up or die. So Rictus does, although he might have signed on anyway. The wrinkle is that the politicians of the major Macht city had also been trying to woo Rictus - to organise their defense and opposition of Corvus. So, a siege beckons.

Corvus has big plans - and also Kufr friends - so very big plans. And also something familiar in his past.

From the ending, it would appear that it is possible Rictus may be returning to where he brought the Ten Thousand out of in the last book.

A good book, if not as good as the first.

4 out of 5

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