Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Allen M. Steele - Blue Tyson

Allen M. Steele is a science fiction author of somewhere close to 20 novels and triple that in short fiction. His best work is found in the Coyote series, which is several books long and continuing. This details the establishment of a colony on an Earthlike world at Ursa major. The story Stealing Alabama details the theft of Earth's only starship from the fascist American theocracy, and is to be found online. The Days Between is the story of one of the colonists on the Alabama who is woken during the voyage, and has to spend his life alone. The Coyote story collections themselves detail the creation and conflicts within the colony itself, and are not space opera as such, but will certainly be of interest. Later, the desperate and broken Earth sends a force to try and retake the world, for example. The associated novels Spindrift detail the discovery of an alien artifact and the voyage that allows those on the ship that does so to undertake. Galaxy Blues has a down on his luck reprobate making a deal with a dodgy capitalist to allow him to get a head start on trade with an alien race.

The Death of Captain Future has a spacer going crazy, and his new hire who get involved in a life or death adventure. It is also a homage to Edmond Hamilton's Captain Future and a brilliant story.

Stealing Alabama

The Days Between

The Death of Captain Future

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