Monday, January 31, 2011

Suicide Kings - George R. R. Martin

Helping a couple of kids.

Bubbles has a problem, in that her parents want to turn off life support and feeding for her. Rustbelt has a problem in that the penpal kid he has been sponsoring is no longer in communication. The Committee and Noel Matthews have a big problen in The Radical and the PPA and their leaders and their child aces mowing doing Caliphate armies. Jonathan Hive has a problem is that his girlfriend is dead, so he can only talk to her through Cameo, who has just found the hat that lets her talk to her own dead lover. The Chinese spy who is The Radical's lover has a problem in that her boyfriend is getting crazier every day as he massacres people. Mark Meadows' problem is to try and get his body back.

So, multiple threads to get through and converge on Africa while everyone tries not to die.

4 out of 5

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