Friday, January 28, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Sandra McDonald - Blue Tyson

Sandra McDonald is a science fiction and fantasy author who has produced a reasonable number of short stories, lots of which you will find online. She also has three novels of what appear to be Australian and romance flavoured light military SF. As much as you can tell because it appears that the publisher got tired after doing huge single chapter excerpts for two of the books, and was too fatigued to cut a paste a whole massive chapter into the web page for the third. Book appears to have been out for a few months, maybe they will recover from their debilitating weariness soon? At least the others were real proper text, unlike the pathetic excuses provided by Murdoch's eye wrecking minions. The author's idea of providing information about her books is a very sad link to buy it at Amazon. Given these are published by the Macmillan recidivists, this is of course zero use as they are of course not buyable. Given it is Macmillan, probably may not even have ebooks for some given just another author of no particular interest or popularity. Or, good old publishing fail.

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