Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Raymond A. Palmer - Blue Tyson

Raymond A. Palmer was a an editor for Amazing Stories and other publications, for which he is most well known. Presumably because of his dimunitive stature, Ray Palmer the DC superhero The Atom was named after him. He also produced 40 or so short stories of interest, which I have not read, but going by era and title quite a few will be of interest. Some longer work like The Black World certainly is space opera.

The Vengeance of Martin Brand has undercover Patrol agents a little like Edmond Hamilton's Three Planeteers, but rather more Star Wolf or Brackett in the more hardboiled tone. Suicide Martin Brand's fiance is brain damaged in a crash during an affair of hers, and a patrol officer is after him, thinking he is a criminal, as she pursuing him via disguise in Venusian dives. Space battles, cave hunts, bat monsters and world domination plots make this one rather more interesting than a lot of work from this era. You'll find it online.

The Vengeance of Martin Brand

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