Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Paul Kearney - Blue Tyson

Paul Kearney is a fantasy writer who has produced a dozen or so fantasy novels of war and pirates or war with pirates. His newer novel the Ten Thousand, while still martial and based on the historical Anabasis is something different - a planetary romance. Utterly magic free, but has plenty of aliens, and high tech memory metal body armour all in a basically bronze age setting. He mentions on his website that there is a science fiction background to this, but he is not allowed to reveal it because his publisher won't let him. Hopefully something to do with why there are humans with ancient advanced technology on this twin-mooned alien planet. Presumably this is because they want these books to also not sell like hotcakes like his others did not and market them exactly the same. This is an excellent novel, regardless.

So, if anyone can get him drunk and get him to spill the beans (or keep him occupied while someone else sneaks into his top secret files) you can be paid in as much space opera as you can read.

The Ten Thousand has a sequel, Corvus. I have not read the second novel yet but definitely will.

The Ten Thousand

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