Friday, January 28, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Paul J. McAuley - Blue Tyson

Paul J. McAuley has written more than fifteen science fiction novels from space opera to near future dystopia or technothrillers. He has also produced a considerable number of short stories, some of which are fantasy, but several of which are of interest. The sames goes for a goodly number of his novels such as the Four Hundred Billion Stars and Book of Confluence trilogies.

He has a series of stories and novels termed The Quiet War set in a Brazil dominated Earth with the outer planets dissenting, and people heading ever outward. Others of these Quite War stories like The Assasination of Faustino Malartre and Gardens of Saturn etc. will also be of interest, even if not more explicitly space type stories. He is apparently working on putting a collection of these out shortly, so anybody should be able to buy them all soon. On his website he also writes occasional non-fiction pieces about his work or related matters that are also of interest, as well as having generously sized excerpts and some short stories available. A couple of these are linked below. An underrated writer of high quality that you should definitely check out.

Crimes and Glory is one of the Jackaroo sequence of stories, here with quantum communication, investigation and Elder alien race and what they will give you. and you will find it online. Dead Men Walking is a tale of two killers in the Quiet War. Incomers is a post Quiet War space war story and retelling. The Quiet War is a novel, going into the politics and conflict of the setting itself between Earth and the farther out colonies. Recording Angel is about personality research and ancient aliens. All Tomorrow's Parties is about immortals fitting into society. Little Lost Robot is about a giant space war machine and the decisions it has to make, and you will find this online. Rats of the System is of conflict between humans when powerful artificial intelligences exist.

Crimes and Glory

Dead Men Walking

The Genesis of Confluence

History Not Quite Repeating Itself


The Quiet War

Recording Angel

All Tomorrow's Parties

Little Lost Robot

Rats of the System

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