Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Murray Leinster - Blue Tyson

Murray Leinster was an author in multiple genres and multiple media who produced over 1500 short works. Along with 40 or so science fiction novels there are many collections of his work, some of which you will find online at the Baen Free Library. A few of these I have read and are happily avoided, but The Pirates of Zan or The Pirates of Ersatz is fun and is also online.

The Aliens is about having problems when you have xenophobes around and new people in town. The Lonely Planet is about a world brain who has humans arrive. The Mutant Weapon is one of the Calhoun Med Ship stories, and he has the problem of people using a plague as a weapon, and you will find all these online in a Baen Free Library collection. Similarly, in Pariah Planet [This World Is Taboo] Calhoun has to help an outcast group of very hungry blue people. First Contact is a famous story about a human ship and that meets an alien ship, and the two leaders and crews have to work out how to resolve this very tense situation.

The Aliens

The Lonely Planet

The Mutant Weapon

Pariah Planet

First Contact

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