Friday, January 28, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: L. E. Modesitt - Blue Tyson

L. E. Modesitt is a solid author of science fiction and fantasy who is more noted for the latter. Although an interesting point for the Recluce series, is that a group of refugees come to the planet - in a starship, even though there are wizards throwing fireballs around and controlling the weather. So his approach to fantasy is somewhat rationalist, and also includes actual engineers who manage progress, unlike the braindead types in a large chunk of secondary world long fantasy books. He is a very productive novelist, with over 50 to his name, along with more than 20 short stories. Of interest are his Forever Hero series, where a starship goes back to Earth and finds a young mutant man and trains him, and he has remarkable abilities - including immortality, so he plans to restore Earth after its ruin. Which will involved some conflict with a Galactic Empire. The Ecolitan novels have some diplomatic troubleshooters travelling around worlds, and I have only read one. The Parafaith books have a humanity out in the stars and divided, warring among themselves.

There are likely short stories I have not seen of interest, as well as some of the standalone novels, given his tendencies.

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