Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Keith Laumer - Blue Tyson

Keith Laumer was a competent writer of science fiction and science fantasy across a number of subgenres, whether time travel like Dinosaur Beach, space diplomat satire with the extensive Retief saga, military SF with big tanks like Bolo, or the magic alternate worlds of Lafayette O'Leary. He displayed an occasional upper range, and produced a large number of novels, a considerable amount of short fiction and a lot of collections of such, some of which you will find online at the Baen Free Library and others for purchase at Baen.

A reasonable amount of his work is of subgenre interest, a Plague of Demons, End As A Hero, Planet Run, Thunderhead, etc.

The Further Sky [The Other Sky] is a galactic portal starship chase time dilation extravaganza. Legions of Space is a strong collection. Mind out of Time is a big jump into space. Three Blind Mice is of aliens and space war co-operation.

The Further Sky

Legions of Space

Mind out of Time

Three Blind Mice

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