Friday, January 28, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Jack McDevitt - Blue Tyson

Jack McDevitt is a solid writer of science fiction who has produced more than fifteen novels and a reasonable amount of short fiction to go along with that. He displays an upper range at times.

He has two series of interest, that of the career of Priscilla Hutchins, pilot and investigator as she becomes involved in exploring interstellar civilisations and making discoveries, or managing the same. There are also stories in this setting. The other is the Alex Benedict series about the discovery of the mysteries of his own life and relatives, and what actually is going on out there among the stars, in human colonised parts of the galaxy and with aliens both now and in history. I have not read all of these latter as yet.

The Engines of God is the first Hutchins novel, as an archaeological find becomes threatened, and discoveries can shock. Kaminsky at War at Melville on Iapetus are Academy stories, about guerilla tactics and discoveries of the ancient alien variety. A Talent For War is about discoverying the truths behind a charismatic and famous human war hero who was always outnumbered.

The Engines of God

Kaminsky at War

Melville on Iapetus

A Talent For War

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