Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Gareth L. Powell - Blue Tyson

Gareth L. Powell is am underrated science fiction writer who has produced a reasonable number of short works, a collection of such, and a couple of novels. The Recollection is about a trip through a space network by a man trying to find his brother, along with the love triangle ensarement ex-wife, and the interstellar space evil they have to deal with at the other end. Silversands is a small press space opera novel that is hard to obtain.

As far as short stories go, Memory Dust has a space jumper finding an octopoidal citadel on another planet. The Last Reef is a Tanguy Future History story and has posthumans on Mars, and you can find a podcast of this story. Six Lights off Green Star is about those crazy enough to play spaceship hyperjump Russian roulette and you will find it online.

Memory Dust

The Last Reef

Six Lights Off Green Star

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