Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: G. David Nordley - Blue Tyson

G. David Nordley is a writer of short science fiction, often of high quality, and the total output heads towards the half century. He has one collection of stories, After the Vikings, which is definitely not his best work. He has a long story about interstellar travel, and finding a world of kangasaurs and megabats. Also a series of planetary adventures like Into the Miranda Rift. He also has a series of stories set on the planet Trimus, about a group of local law enforcement officers working together as friends, all of different alien species. They try and keep the peace on such a diverse planet. These hold some of the charm that you find in the work of James H. Schmitz, and could easily be linked into a fixup for. High quality work for aspiring digital publishers out there.

Dawn Venus is about a race for a land claim (and spouse) on that planet. Network and Poles Apart are Trimus stories wherein they have to deal with local wildlife and mores, and in the second, local barbarians.

Dawn Venus


Poles Apart

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