Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Frederik Pohl - Blue Tyson

Frederik Pohl is a science fiction writer and editor, who has produced dozens of novels, and triple figure short fiction, of which there have been many collections. He is also an anthologist and was the editor of Galaxy magazine. Some of his work is of interest, including a series written with Jack Williamson and the various Heechee novels, and stories like Stopping at Slowyear. He is now also an award winning blogger at The Way the Future Blogs, writing some very interesting pieces on those he knew over the course of his career. Definitely recommended. His introduction to Baen's Cordwainer Smith book When the People Fell you will also find online.

Gateway is a novel about commercialisation and exploitation of the discovery and search for abandoned alien technology in space. The Gold at the Starbow's End concerns a trip to Alpha Centauri and the immense changes the crew of astronauts go through, far outstripping what they were before. The Merchants of Venus has a desperate man doing some planet based alien archaeology.


The Gold at the Starbow's End

The Merchants of Venus

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