Monday, January 24, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: Edmond Hamilton - Blue Tyson

Edmond Hamilton wrote so much early space opera they called him the World Wrecker because of his facility for large scale exploits and carnage among the stars. From the Interstellar Patrol of the 1920s to Star Wolf several decades later he produced a lot. He also wrote a considerable amount of fantasy and some horror. Around a dozen novels and a very large number of short stories, much of which are of subgenre interest. A solid writer, and definitely superior to most of his contemporaries he certainly is nowhere near his wife Leigh Brackett's class, but definitely enjoyable. Occasionally he would produce a work displaying an upper range. Hamilton also penned the majority of the adventures of Captain Future, a Solar System lawman with a robot and embodied brain sidekick who took it to bad guys on any planet. These are very cheesy, but can be fun.

Baen have produced two omnibus collections of his work, Starwolves and the Interstellar Patrol and King of Stars, the latter contains some fantasy novels as well as science fiction standalones.

Starwolves and the Interstellar Patrol

King of Stars

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