Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: David Langford - Blue Tyson

David Langford in reality failed to invent weapons that would destroy the universe. Not necessarily the case in his occasional novel such as the Space Eater or in his reasonable amount of short fiction. He favours the parody e.g. Sex Pirates of the Blood Asteroid, as an example. He is also an encyclopedist working on the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, including its latest online incarnation, which is currently a slight favorite to arrive ahead of a new Chtorr novel or Duke Nukem game.

For his news and dumb things people say about SF newsletter Ansible he keeps the occasional carpenter in work, given how many mantlepieces wilt under the weight of the Hugo awards he has won.

The Spear of the Sun follows a timeline where G. K. Chesterton was an influential SF figure, or, to put it another way: Father Brown in space.

The Spear of the Sun

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