Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Rough Guide to Space Opera: C. L. Moore - Blue Tyson

C. L. Moore was a highly talented writer of science fiction and fantasy, who collaborated on a lot of work with her husband, Henry Kuttner, so it can be problematic ever working out who wrote what. I will have entered stories etc. as the first time I came across them and whatever was in the publication at the time, so sometimes it might just have said Kuttner when it was Kuttner and Moore, for example. Unfortunately, she is currently underpublished and while it may be the fault of a recalcitrant or delusionally unrealistic estate, possibly, you will find some work online. A webscription style digital omnibus of omnicollections of both these writers would certainly be welcomed. She was the creator of Northwest Smith, another interplanetary adventurer antihero of ill repute. Unlike Leigh Brackett's rationalist approach to her planetary romances Moore came at hers from the horror end of things. Not surprising, being from Weird Tales and they do give you a little of the flavour of the Lovecraftian.

Fury is about cities on Venus, with the planet in between dangerous and deadly - and who can rule. Quest of the Starstone is a Northwest Smith and Jirel of Joiry teamup. Black Gods and Scarlet Dreams is a Fantasy Masterworks collection of Jirel of Joiry and Northwest Smith stories. In Black Thirst Northwest Smith is led to a vampire by a Minga mai. The Cold Gray God sees Northwest Smith hired to retrieve a mysterious box. Dust of Gods has Smith hired to retrieve the Dust of Pharol from an ancient Martian polar temple. Judgment Night is a collection of other Moore stories of subgenre interest. In Julhi, Smith encounters a singing emotional leech. Werewoman finds Northwest in a chase for his life. Northwest of Earth is Paizo Planet Stories complete collection of Northwest Smith stories, and is highly recommended. Shambleau finds Northwest Smith rescuing and taking in a Medusa-like vampire woman, to his regret. This is also the title of a short collection of Smith stories.


Quest of the Starstone

Black Gods and Scarlet Dreams

Black Thirst

The Cold Gray God

Dust of Gods

Judgment Night



Northwest of Earth

Shambleau [short story]


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