Friday, November 19, 2010

23 Hours - David Wellington

Women in prison with vampires.

And one of them is a cop.

That has to have a horror writer cackling into his absinthe.

Laura Caxton is in the slammer for abuse and extra-legal taking of a federal witness and vampire wannabe. Despite getting the job done and killing her old mentor.

Her girlfriend and old partner Glauer and are still working for the bureaucrat marshal, who isn't getting any closer to Malvern, the oldest vampire alive. He is also getting lots of people killed.

When Clara visits Laura, Malvern has them both where she wants them, and springs her suborn the warden and play with Caxton games. Which involves eating a goodly percentage of the prisoners and the screws. None of whom are inclined to take Caxton's advice that she can actually save them from being slaughtered by vampires and their half-dead minions if they listen.

None of whom except her baby-killing cellmate Gert, that is.

Maybe the best of the four Caxton books so far.

3.5 out of 5

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