Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Trade of Queens - Charles Stross

The Trade of Queens

Goes nuclear

Miriam's grandmother, and associates, the former unhappy with the matchmaking fraternity losing control of their power if the progressive faction's breeding plans come to fruition, and the latter not being happy that their army was nuked strike back.

Multiple small nuclear attacks attempted on Washington DC. The conservatives have little conception of the military and technological might of the USA, however, so Miriam and the progressive faction are horrified and realise all of them need to get out of Dodge before they are disintegrated in glowing fashion.

Luckily they have access to the world of New Britain - something the USA does not at the current point of time. But this world is in the process of anti-monarchical revolution of its own.

A book that seems runs out of space to pack in what it wants to talk about - the conflicts, the move, a couple of dead US presidents, etc. So I think this got away from the author to some degree. Some of the earlier novel should have been condensed to give the exploration of what is here more space.

Apparently also a publishing decision to divide these books up how they have been, which has clearly caused some problems.

3.5 out of 5

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