Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cyberskin - Paul Collins

Something of a fixup here as this cyberpunk tales takes some short story material and makes a novel out of it.

Calloway, the antihero in question works for a company whose job is making movies.

The difference is that the people he blows away he kills for real.

Often terminally ill cases that agree to 'star' in the movie for money they can leave to those surviving them, but not always.

There's also virtual reality, crazy biotech, artificial intelligence and more surrounding this.

Plus an augmented Doberman named Crunch.

The actual framing of some of the sections in movie script type jargon/layout actually detracts I think, as what is going on is considerably more interesting than the film industry angle.

Imprinted intelligences, drug research of a bizarre nature and the setting is a post-nothing-good-has-happened-to-this-environment Melbourne for a large part of it.

Around the 3.25 mark.

3.5 out of 5

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