Monday, September 28, 2009

Winter Song - Colin Harvey

A good old downed spaceman story, 21st century variety.

Here the voyager in question is something more than human - having built in nanotechnological advantages and access to information.

This novel may be a nod to Poul Anderson, with a 'Terran Hegemony' and problems with outlying worlds an undergoing a 'Long Night'.

Perhaps even further, with the setting - a colony of people from a hardline group of Icelandic descent (Anderson's was Danish). Now living a life of hardship, with native life such as 'dragons' and 'trolls' causing them problems. In Andersonian tradition there is a lot more to one of these lifeforms than meets the eye.

Also, as is common in the interloper from the stars variety there is a clash with the old conservatives, especially when it comes to a woman.

Karl has to manage to stay alive to be able to help himself, and hence attempt to help the deprived, struggling colony to better times.

Solid. People who want SF 'more like it used to be' should certainly find some interest here.

3.5 out of 5

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