Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Wild Ones - A. Bertram Chandler

This time, Shirl and Darleen decide to come with Grimes, as they fancy the trip. A wild heritage that particular pair have. Grimes also has a robot passenger again, not so Australian as the pair of New Alicians - her name is Seiko.

After a pleasant visit with the rellos things get rather hairier, thanks to old pirate nemesis Drongo Kane:

"Oh, yes. And this fur export trade is the monopoly of Able Enterprises . . . ."

"Which outfit," said Damien, "is run by old cobber Commodore Baron Kane, of El Dorado."

"No cobber of mine," growled Grimes.

"But you know Kane. And you know that any enterprise in which he's involved is liable to be, at the very least, unsavory. Well, APS have heard stories about this fur trade. APS have asked me to carry out an investigation. After all, I'm only a rear admiral. But I have clashed, in the past, with the El Dorado Corporation and gotten away with it . . . ."

"With me as your cat's-paw," said Grimes.

"Precisely. And, admit it, it does give you some satisfaction to score off Kane. Doesn't it?"

"I suppose so."

"It does, and we both know it." He turned to Madame Duvalier. "Grimes and Kane are old enemies," he explained. "Apart from anything else there was rivalry for the favors of the Baroness Michelle d'Estang, who is now Kane's wife— hence his El Doradan citizenship."

Not to mention a bunch of witch burning fanatics.

3 out of 5

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