Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Last Amazon - A. Bertram Chandler

Having fallen far enough to have to stoop to politics, there are some advantages to being in charge.

Having had the certificate that made him allow to legally be in charge of a spaceship revoked by the original agency he obtained it from some time back, Grimes now finds himself with a good deal.

Being the Liberian governor means he can appoint the authority in charge of granting such paperwork on his own planet. Then of course take the exams himself. Some good old political quid pro quo - as failing your boss is likely a bad career move. Also a nice two fingered salute to those who put him in this situation - the same mob who did the revocation in the first place.

But, time for a new governor - one who doesn't want Grimes 'hanging around like a bad spell' - and John is more than happy to take his own ship and crew into space once more.

Things get a little Spartan again, as he ends up reuniting with multiple distaff elements from the past - Maggie, Fenella Pruin, Shirl, and Darleen. Things get rather athletic and violent again as a result, but much more fun from a reader's point of view are this particular group and Grimes' own crew.

3 out of 5

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