Friday, August 28, 2009

Janissaries - Jerry Pournelle

A group of soldiers in Cuba are fighting in somewhat dodgy fashion for the CIA, and get into a bit of trouble of the we are likely to be dead soon variety.

Until an alien ship turns up and offers them a supposed way out.

Part of a galactic society, they just want this military group to do some conquering and drugdealing for them.

Nothing much, just put a more primitive planet to their uses.

Said planet contains humans, apparently also taken from Earth at different eras throughout history, when it suited to put them to use on this particular planet.

So its is clansmen vs Roman legions, with a bunch of cold war mercenaries running around. Although differences of opinion evolve, with one officer deciding if he didn't have to do the battle thing he could certainly serve better as a scientific and educational advisor.

A bunch of killing to be done first, though.

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