Sunday, May 24, 2009

Polaris Of the Snows - Charles B. Stilson

Lord of the Ice, not of the Jungle, as a young man sets out on journey after the death of his father.

Like Tarzan, Polaris' mother died young, and he has grown up in isolation. No animal families, though, as he i sfully grown by the time his father departs.

No lions or tigers, but plenty of huskies and polars bears and killer whales for opponents, and presumably the odd walrus, given what he feeds his teams.

On his journey he finds fighting humans, and a woman - Americans, of course, like his father.

That's not all though, as looking after this new flower of fhumanity and taking her with he him, he finds a trail in the snow, leading to the land of Sardanes.

Which is dogless, much much warmer, and a fair bit ancient greek.

The leadership doesn't take too kindly to impressive strangers and their notions of democracy, though.

Also, given the population is carefully managed by disposal by fire of the elderly and children that are disabled, deformed, or not healthy.

Luckily Polaris' good nature does win him a couple of friends, but he is a dangerous man to be around, for human, or for beast.

Wild men, of course, have to go and try out civilisation sometime, and find rivals there.

All reasonable enough.

3 out of 5

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