Friday, May 8, 2009

Lightbreaker - Mark Teppo

An urban fantasy novel that is a lot more Hellblazer, Mage and Highlander than it is high heels, hot pants and horizontal vampire mambo. There's even a Watcher society and sword fighting.

A predilection for Heremetic magic, souls and Tarot (and a bit of Crowley) is on display among the superpowered types doing battle beyond the ken of mortals.

Fortunately the extended flights of magical fantasy a la Moore and Promethea are left till towards the end, with a rather more grounded epilogue.

With an atmosphere like this you tend to get a taste for the nasty. There are certainly some parts of this novel that some would call horror.

The author gives a book writing soundtrack at the end, and Fields Of the Nephilim feature prominently, which will give you further idea of the sort of supernatural content you will encounter in Lightbreaker.

There's also gratuitous prophetic abuse of bookshop staff.

3.5 out of 5

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