Friday, April 3, 2009

Doomsday Exam - Nick Pollotta

This one is sort of what you would get if you made Simon R. Green's Nightside softboiled.

Except here, the Bureau is out to protect the public from supernatural menace, as opposed to protecting themselves from each other.

Unkillable monsters, rookies, and guys like this: " “So an insane alchemist, with the most powerful book of evil magic in existence, has absorbed the abilities of a mutant vampire and is wearing an alien battle suit,” Raul muttered softly, as we walked along the lines of parked cars. “Ed, this is big. Really big.”

“And extremely bad,” I added as we reached the car, an old luxury sedan with racing tires. Nondescript and powerful, it was tailor made for our needs. Couldn't be better."

bedevil the crew in this story.

There's appropriate levels of crazy a la Green, certainly: " Unfortunately by now, Mystery Man was double his original size, the cauldron had sunk into the floor to become a yawning pit from which fiery tongues of raw ethereal power lashed upward into his body. With each lambent energy whip, his smile grew and his voice became louder and more purposeful. He was already tapping the natural magical resources of our mother planet herself, after that would come the monsters, the people and absolute victory.

Even if not the same level of whacky monikers flying around, you do get some homage fromage: "After a moment, I recognized where we were. The observation tower on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. Holy Cow, we hadn't used this place in seventy years!"

An ok book.

3 out of 5

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