Thursday, April 30, 2009

All the Weyrs Of Pern - Anne McCaffrey

The discovery of an Artificial Intelligence the original colonists of Pern had at their disposal astonishes the majority of the planet's leadership. It also upsets a conservative traditional faction that view an intelligent machine as an Abomination with a capital A.

The dragons and fire lizards, are, as usual, pretty cool with cool new stuff, as long as they get enough to eat, sunshine to sleep in, and people or other critters to wash their assorted hides.

The new technology gives them the ability to understand enough to utilise the ships that have been left in orbit to attempt to do something audacious about the menace of Thread once and for all.

All done in McCaffrey's charming but bloodless style. So pretty fluffy, and does suffer at times from that very common 21st century author and publisher bloat disease.

But, well, dragons on spaceships, or in space. Gotta be fun. Also where it is handy to be a small, white dragon.

3 out of 5

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