Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Warlock - Glen Cook

"Bullets hammered the north wall of the last redoubt, Akard’s communications center. Mortars crumped. Their bombs banged deafeningly. Bullets leaking through the two small north windows had made a shambles of the communications gear.

Marika had done what she could to stem the nomad tide, and she had failed. She had only two regrets: that her pack, the Degnan, would go into the darkness unMourned, and that for her there would be no journey to the Reugge cloister at Maksche. For her there would be no next step on the road that might have led to the stars.

The hammer of savage weapons rose to an insane crescendo. The nomads were closing in for the last kill. Then the uproar ended. Braydic, the communications technician, whimpered into the sudden silence, “Now they will come.”

Marika nodded. The last minutes had arrived. The inevitable end of the siege had come."

This is the second of the Darkwar trilogy, and follows Marika as she gets older, and more bad things happen to her as she continues to survive, watching enemies and friends and allies fall by the wayside, as the scope of the story expands, tooling around in ships, etc.

3 out of 5

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