Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sung In Blood - Glen Cook

Glen Cook does Doc Savage homage, around the same length and all.

Compare the very start of The Man Of Bronze, the first Doc Savage adventure.

"Death stalked the night. It haunted the shadowed alleys of Shasesserre.
Those it passed near hurried away, driven by the knives of fear."


"There was death afoot in the darkness.

It crept furtively along a steel girder. Hundreds of feet below yawned
glass-and-brick-walled cracks--New York streets. Down there, late
workers scurried homeward. Most of them carried umbrellas, and did not
glance upward."

a little bit further in

"Between plaza's edge and Citadel stood a five-hundred-foot temporary needle of timbers, kept upright by scores of guylines. The masked man paused to see if he was observed, then ran to its foot. He swarmed upward with the tireless energy of a machine. When he reached the crowning platform, from which rope divers would plunge during tomorrow's celebrations, be was barely panting."


"One skyscraper was under construction. It had been completed to the
eightieth floor. Some offices were in use.

Above the eightieth floor, an ornamental observation tower jutted up a
full hundred and fifty feet more. The metal work of this was in place,
but no masonry had been laid. Girders lifted a gigantic steel
skeleton. The naked beams were a sinister forest."

Also, the story is the same at the beginning of each book. Doc's father is murdered, there is a sniper henchman of a supervillain, and the same thing goes for Rider, and the man who raised him, the 'Protector' of the city.

So, clever.

Rider also has a team of eclectic friends who work with him throughout, including nicknames like 'Soup' and 'Spud'.

The supervillain in this case is an evil sorcerer, and all that implies. So rather than using advanced science to fight, it is swords and magic.

Well worth a look. Also set up for further adventures, too.

3.5 out of 5

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