Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Waking the Moon - Elizabeth Hand

Moon Goddess kill cult.

A meeting of several students at one semester at an arty university in Washington DC does not go well.

Tied into this is some ancient archaeological discoveries related to a female mythological figure that favored more of the Kali the destroyer modus operandi.

The protagonist here gets caught up in this (perhaps this uni needs a few more physicists, engineers, or even lawyers given all the magicians, cults and goddess avatars running around).

Or, strange horrible magic stuff happens, people die. Mostly blokes, as you would expect.

A short part follows, but the major second part of the book follows the same woman, now working as a museum cataloguer in the same city.

She discovers thanks to a tv broadcast that her old uni mate is still alive, and something of an infamous author, and the whole cult thing has caught on. More deaths follow, less choosy of the flavour.

Blood cult death priestess woman has a son - and this is the part that might be hard to buy if the mystic destiny thing doesn't do it for you, that he happens to be in the same city and meet various protagonists.

Then again, it is supernatural horror, so not that much of a stretch given the rest of the book.

The question being of course, will anyone that isn't a fan of the whole ritual sacrifice bloodletting thing get out alive.

Stylishly done, not your slasher type of book.

4 out of 5

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