Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jennifer Government - Max Barry

A satire in an America that has gone privatised libertarian crazy - and now controls a lot - or at least the corporations do. Australia, for one.

This sort of satire is of course reminiscent of Snow Crash (or Grey, recently).

Decent enough, but nothing ground breaking or perhaps even as money.

It begins with an office slave asked to help out on a shoe marketing effort. The plan for these expensive sneakers was to withold all but a few, and then blitz sell them to up the price by a factor of two or so, and make the odd billion, given they cost less than a dollar.

To ensure this happens, they ask him to find ten victims among early purchasers to murder in the act, so that it looks like people are willing to kill to get them. The poorer the better, in this case, high school girls good too, of course.

The Jennifer Government in the title is an armed troubleshooter for what is left of the Government. In this novel it seems people take the last name of the corporation they work for, hence John Nike, Jennifer Government, etc.

Needless to say in an American gone crazy like this the corrupt are more so, and killing as advertising seems pretty standard.

3.5 out of 5

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