Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cyborg - Martin Caidin

Steve Austin is a test pilot, and the experimental craft he is piloting does not land well in this case. He loses an arm, is blinded in one eye, has two legs crushed, and has some fairly serious internal and skeletal injuries.

Thanks to being an astronaut and top of the line pilot he has an advanced medical team waiting for just this sort of circumstance.

After putting him back together and getting his head a bit more right they ask him if he is interested in a program to test out some bionics - he agrees, and the work and surgery entails lots of swearing and surprises.

However, Oscar Goldman's funding of this does not come without a catch - this six million dollars and the fact that he is employed by the military and now has basically tested and proven superhuman abilities means it is covert mission time for him.

Underwater, and then into the desert in Africa to snatch a plane that has some key Russian nuclear information.

Quite gripping.

4 out of 5

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