Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Return Of the Night Wind - Varick Vanardy

I haven't read the first one, but there is an interesting introduction by Peter Coogan, who wrote a book on the history of the superhero.

He suggests one reason this character is forgotten is that he doesn't fall into the pulp-avenger or science fiction superman niche. It is perhaps also a little more old fashioned than The Shadow, Doc Savage or even Wylie's Gladiator, too, being from the teens and all, or thereabouts.

He's more of a wants to be left alone guy, despite not being big and green, having a flaming head, or winged feet.

There are a lot of corrupt New York cops apparently, and he is being framed for robbery. Evidence that these cops aren't the brightest is that they pick a man several times stronger and faster than your usual mortal as a target.

In fact, this book points out who many of them he has 'broken' in the past, and it is meant literally.

With a brave woman at his side and a friend or two, he sets out to clear his name.

Anyway, an interesting painstaking rediscovery by Chris Yates, this bloke.

3 out of 5

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