Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doctor Doom - Steven A. Roman

The first of the Chaos Engine trilogy.

The X-Men are with Roma and her underling, when the aforementioned notices something very wrong with the 616 Earth and surrounds, and it is centred on Psylocke, or Betsy Braddock.

The X-Men, sans Xavier are sent to investigate, and given a deadline of a week, or she wipes out that particular Earth instance and surrounding dimension.

Arriving, Westchester County has a prison camp, not a school for gifted mutants, and Von Doom is King of the World, with Storm his Queen. The only real resistance - is run by Magneto.

Doom has co-opted or destroyed most of the heroes and villains, so the X-Men are an unexpected wild card force thrown into his plans.

Quite good, I thought. Alternate history sort of story with different lives for some in this dystopia.

4 out of 5

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