Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Song Is You - Megan Abbott

A stylish mystery built around a real life disappearance case. A party girl B-actress, in this case.

The protagonist of the piece is a little different, in that he is a studio PR flack that happened to be at the same party on the night she was last seen, with a friend.

In fact, cops, detectives etc. are pretty much absent in this one, apart from implied threats to inflict on the various dodgy characters who inhabit the Hollywood of this time - most of them in this case in the media.

One of the dodgy characters is our publicity man's wife, or ex-wife if you like, as too many nights and too many women have finished that, given his job is to either drink with, be nice to, or get beautiful women out of trouble, a fair bit of the time.

More a stylish piece than pulp thrills, as tough guys and bullets are nowhere to be seen, so perhaps rather tame for someone expecting that from their noir.

Still good though.

4 out of 5

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