Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Jennifer Morgue - Charles Stross

What do you get if you cross

a) Lovecraft
b) James Bond
c) A bunch of computer geekery

The answer, in this case, is a really good book. Presuming you have some interest in any of the above.

The supervillain of the piece wants to control the world, of course, but with Deep Ones in the picture, it won't be pretty.

Stross plays with the Bond character types here, but the female assassin is a halfing from Dunwich with a demon problem, for example. There's a geas that makes them follow the movie story patterns with a little help from an occult device that lets you talk to the dead. Ian Fleming, of course, is dead.

Someone who has Robert Howard as an alias playing a part in a Bond movie is a bit croggling, too.

Bob, of course, has nowhere near the budget for punting and wrecking stuff that 007 does, either, making do with his magic capable smartphone and a usb key with a linux distribution.

All lots of fun.

The story 'Pimpf' is included afterwards, as is a fictional non-fiction Wold-Newtonesque type piece on how the whole Bond spy thing fits into Bob Howard's world.


Bob Howard manages to get told off for not playing MMORPG's enough at work, given that is his current assignment, to stop real monsters gaining a foothold there.

He even gets an intern, asthe Laundry finds a kid who gets in deeper than he should while playing and hacking, and hands him to Bob. They go on a bit of a dungeon bash to save the day.

4.5 out of 5

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