Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hero - Perry Moore

Mix a bit of Mystery Men, a lot of Squadron Supreme, a Batman/Nighthawk clone and a brave young kid, with a Superfolks type plot.

This is clearly a book written to be accessible to kids, with the overly spaced out text and simplified writing style (of course, we don't know if the author can do better, either) that you get in books for the young.

However, it has some charm, and plenty of bad superhero jokes and more - he has low rent villains called Transvision Vamp and Sig-Sig Sputnik, for example.

The kid's dad is a disgraced hero, involved in a situation that resulted in the death of many. He is also pretty conservative, going by the name Major Might when active, and having a sidekick named Right Wing.

In one of those four-color coincidences, Thom (does Perry Moore like Star Boy?) gets involved in saving some people from C-grade baddies.

He gets a tryout to 'The League', who, apart from the really obviously out of palce Justice, are Squadron Supreme (and hence JLA) analogues.

So if familiar with the comics, you know who the hero to watch there is.

Apart from that, the kid has to deal with the fact that he prefers blokes, something not likely to please his father, and seizures, and getting powers, and getting into a crazy superhero tryout situation, yet another secret to keep from his dad, him and his misfit trainee hero crew.

The plot accelerates from there with the death of one of the heroes in the League.

Being for kids, it doesn't have much chance of ever approaching the level of Wild Cards of Superfolks or books like that, but is certainly entertaining enough.

3.5 out of 5

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