Friday, March 28, 2008

The Gate of Worlds - Robert Silverberg

Mad Englishman goes out in the Mexican Sun.

Wants to be an Aztec warrior type. No dog. The pommie life is a bit dull and dreary, so he sets off and decides he'd like to be adventurer.

Despite the title and the bodysuited babe on the cover, this is something in the alternate history vein, along with being your manly adventure story.

The Black Death affected some of Europe more severely, Turkey then built an Empire, and failed, and Montezuma et. al. didn't bend over for Europe as others were in charge, or something like that. The actual characters are aware of a Many Worlds theory and talk about this in the book, that choices cause divergent universes.

However, most of this is concerned with a rebel prince, our protagonist who joins up with his crazy plain, and a cool sporting event. If you ever played Speedball on the Amiga, imagine the low tech version of that for the Aztec type game with a rubber ball, armour, and brawling that he gets invited into as the final chest to join up with said warrior prince.

3 out of 5

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