Friday, February 29, 2008

The Sands Of Time - P. Schuyler Miller

"Damn it," he cried, "no bald-headed old fuzzy-wuzzy is going to call me a liar twice! You may know a lot about dead bones, but your education with regard to living things has been sadly neglected. So reptiles never herd? What about alligators? What about the Galapagos iguanas? What about snakes? Bah—you can't see any farther than your own nose and never will! When I show you photographs of living dinosaurs, taken with this very camera twenty-four hours ago, not more than three or four miles from where we're standing—well, it's high time you scrap your hidebound, bone-dry theories and listen to a branch of science that's real and living, and always will be. I photographed those dinosaurs! I can do it again—any tune I like. I will do it."

Throw in a couple of groups of antagonistic aliens.

3.5 out of 5


Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

This short story left an impression on a twelve-year old kid that is/was unforgettable. It is one of my favorite all-time sci-fi stories.

Blue Tyson said...

Good! :)