Thursday, October 25, 2007

Xenogenesis - Octavia Butler

A bookclub edition of the three books in this series. Good only because it made a dull series a lot cheaper.

This odd series I didn't find too interesting. Maybe I would if I was an invading alien sex therapist. This is almost a horror story, with how creepy it is in parts. Condescending aliens treating people at times how people treat animals, which perhaps it part of the point, but the responses don't ring true here.

Hybrid helper?

Part of the problem with these books I think is the what would seem to be extremely unlikely acceptance so quickly of what the aliens are up to. Overwhelming technological advantage, sure, but given general human atittudes the suspension of disbelief required for this book was basically shattered pretty early.

After that, it is really dull. There is some resistance to the complete changing of the race, and the main character has a kid that may actually help reconcile the rebels.

More inbreeding issues.

A third novel in this series that is basically the same quality as the one preceding it, and adds little more to what is going on, or more of the same. Aliens remove breeding, then want to hybridise and cross-breed, and it turns out they may need some human breeding after all. DOH.

1.5 out of 5

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