Friday, October 5, 2007

Dragon's Island - Jack Williamson

A secret struggle is happening between a government agency, and a small band of mutants led by a rogue geneticist. Sound familiar? Well, it should, except this story is from 1951.

A young man is being recruited by both sides, and has to choose.

The hunter side tells him "They're somewhat tougher and quicker and stronger than we are, and apparently immune to most diseases... High intelligece,...A average I.Q. probably twice ours...But the gift that makes them so dangerous, and so difficult to trap, is ESP."

Dane ends up joining the mutant side, and working with the scientist that inspired his own studies, who is hiding under an alias in New Guinea.

Now, the really interesting thing is is organisation is called Cadmus, and their manager is Vic Van Doon.

A confrontation between forces is inevitable, but it does give both leaders a chance to talk, to see if they can reach a compromise and co-operation situation.

4 out of 5

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