Tuesday, September 25, 2007

River Of Gods - Ian McDonald

Aeai life cycle.

I have a Merlinesque Once and Future McDonald thing going on it seems, going backward through his work.

I just recently read Brasyl, which I think is superior to this book.

River of Gods is still a good book, however, and possibly as India is a bit more familiar that the setting wasn't as interesting.

Whereas the former had three story strands going, although in different periods of history, River of Gods has around triple that, and all at the same time, which can leave you feeling that there isn't necessarily much point to some of them.

Basically, AI above a certain level of capability have been banned, and hounded out of most countries, and have taken refuge in India.

Via military, economic and political manipulation they are trying to keep themselves alive. However, the major focus is on the people that are the main players in this, a corporation, some researchers and the Indian prime minister, and a few more minor characters that perhaps got a little much 'stage time' and made this longer than it needed to be.

Americans have discovered an object in space older than the solar system, and an Indian corporation appears to have developed early zero point energy.

This all eventually ties together rather abruptly.

Still, definitely worth reading, and McDonald is top class.

4 out of 5

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